Wounds of time

Project description:
Historical district rennovation
Moscow, Russia
Public, Recreational, Domestic, Religious
16 ha
Co-author. In collaboration with Anna Siprikova and Magdalini Giannakidi

The Zaryadye district was populated by people, whom we would call the middle class: salesmen, craftsmen, mid-level merchants, etc. Alongside with it interesting to mention that first representative office of foreign state in Russia appeared in this area. As a result variety of religious communities appeared: Orthodox churches, Anglican Church and Synagogue. In many historical references this area was mentioned as a social protests center.

For these reasons main goal of a new concept was to reactivate the project’s area as a public-oriented environment. Caught between two important public spaces (Slavyanskaya and Red squares) Zaryadye, for the moment of project’s creation, was absolutely cut off from the city life. Thus, in the above-mentioned areas with large numbers of people, we could see the lack of recreational areas. Looking for ways to resolve issues mentioned above, the concept of interlacing was born. An urban structure, which scale came from the Middle Ages intersects with the new green urban fabric.




Site plan


Project’s layers scheme
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