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Moscow Architectural Institute 2005-2011. BA + MA

Levin Packer architects (Tel Aviv)
Housing, public interiors
Mayslits Kassif architects (Tel Aviv) Public buildings and public spaces
Doron Sheinman architects (Tel Aviv)  Private houses, public buildings and public spaces
WOWHAUS architects (Moscow) Public buildings and public spaces
RDNK architects (Moscow) Historical buildings and monuments rennovation and preservation, private houses, private and public interiors, exhibitions, research
Dmitry Bush architects (Moscow) Public buildings and sport facilities

40 under 40 architectiral prize for young architects selection (Israel) 2023
Bezalel school of architecture architectural design tutor (Jerusalem) 2022
Kakdelart symposium
guest lecturer (Tel Aviv-Yafo) 2022
Layer 2.0 competition for extension of modernist buildings (Tel Aviv-Yafo) 2022
Silent Interplay public space project for new communication possibilities. Self-initiated project 2021
Bezalel school of architecture guest critic (Jerusalem) 2020-2022
Ever Lab phisical and mental wellness center (Herzliya) 2020
REALLY OPEN! Public symposium for more open architectural competition prceedure in Russia 2020
RE-searching material Venice Biennale for architecture competition proposal 2020
Time Flows urban choreography project (Prague) Open competition winning proposal 2019
ProMoArchDiz award winner. Open competition among young architects (Moscow) 2019
Zodchestvo festival for architecture 2019 Personal exhibition at ProMoArchDiz award stand (Moscow) 2019
Lifted memories Holocaust memorial open competition proposal (Moscow) 2018
Holy Earth synagogue (Israel) Self-motivated project 2015
8th pavillion open competition project for school of architecture (Moscow) 2013
Green platform landart and multidisciplinary research project (Nikola-Lenivets village) 2012
Red terror landart monument (Russia) Self-initiated project 2012
Church rennovation (Kaluga region) Self-initiated project 2011
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