Silent interplay

Project description:
Public space installation for new communication possibilities
Recycled ocean plastic, steel structure

In 2020 the familiar world has gone. We accepted physical detachment from the society as a new normal.

Thanks to the available technologies we are in many cases capable of working from home, traveling only when it’s essential, fully interacting only with our core family members or being simply alone.

But during every video call there is a feeling of lack of human emotions, lack of fun and absolute inability to stay silent together even for a few moments. It seems like eye contact, body language and cup of of coffee proposal are as essential for our communication as words we use.

Silent Interplay project challenges the normality of strictly verbal interaction with other people and propose the spacial interaction system which can give the opportunity to feel one another and communicate without words, still keeping in mind a safe behaviour code and social distancing.

Rotation based on magnetic fields work  principle

The interactive installation consists out of number of round-shaped benches. Each bench can be rotated along it’s axe by the visitors. Every bench is influenced by the rotation of every other one, meaning every time a person sits or moves on one of the benches, all the installation receiving this signal and rotates accordingly.

At the zero capacity moment installation finding it’s balance and stays still. But with any slight rotation caused by the visitor, every bench starts to move – same way that we as people influencing one another with every action we take.
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