Open Hearings

Project description:
Beach infrastructure temporary winter transformation
Toronto, Canada
72 m2
Steel scaffolding tubes
Co-author. In collaboration with Daniele Sciarretta

What makes us as human beings really happy? Is it love, or money, or maybe food?

It seems to be something that surprises and makes one feel that he or she is suddenly able to elevate in their dreams and fly…

Being social animals we are mostly excited when meeting people who inspire us. People with whom we can share our thoughts, visions and ideas.

Project “Open Hearings” is creating an environment for people to meet and communicate spontaneously.

A chaotic  arrangement of open tubes is created for an unplanned dialogue between the sounds of nature (whether it’s a wind noise or a person’s voice) and sending your thoughts and emotions backwards (whether it’s a detailed analysis of scientific issue or an emotional exclamation about one’s current mood).

Northern facade

Western facade

We hope to deliver another opportunity for visitors to experience this magical moment of unpredictable communication, which we sometimes lack in our daily routine.
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