Green platform

Project description:
Multidisciplinary summer school research and lanscape designs proposal Place:
Nikolo-Lenivets village, Russia
Recreational landscape areas and festival pavilions
365 ha
Natural landscape elements, textile, inflatable balloons
Tutor, co-author

“Green platform” is an interdisciplinary space, which brings together students and practitioners from Moscow Architectural Institute, Russian University of the Dramatic Art, Russian university of Cinematography, and Moscow State University.

Site plan

Around 7000 BC between the villages of Nikola-Lenivets and Zvizzhi channel of Ugra river formed a giant meander — natural geoglyph (about 3 km in diameter) which looks like a letter of the Greek alphabet — Alpha (α) and Omega (Ω). As a result of changes in the river flow, a field which offers a fascinating panorama, surrounded by a labyrinth of forestlands, was formed.

The field

Forest development. Two figures appearance

The task for “Green platform” was to find and apply new forms of man’s work with natural landscape. The environment of our project’s area was assumed as a subject of interactivity of human being and nature. A genesis of synergistic action in which natural processes and human aspirations interact with each other opens the way for new experience.

Geographical and environmental studies were conducted by many groups of student from different universities for enormous area of 25 hectares. Landscape map was composed with complete description of the territory’s flora and fauna. Students were searching for natural structures, ehich can be associated with architectural forms.

Students’ works became a part of the “Green platform” project, reflecting main conceptual principles of it.

Most projects are made as natural compositions, where the building material consists of lively forms of environment, whether it is dense forest, air or water.

The cloud



Tutors: Vasiliy Shchetinin, Narine Tyutcheva, Artem Chernikov, Gleb Galkin
Students: Razumovskiy Mikhail, Ermolenko Natalia, Smirnova Marina, Kostyukova Evgenia, Kopitina Natalia, Belolipeckaya Anna, Goncharova Victoria
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